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Leadership Transformation in a Digital Age

Rohan A. Carr, IRC Australia | 17.04.2018

At a recent IRC leadership event in Singapore Mr Vivek Bhatia, the Asia Pacific Regional CEO of engineering giant Thyssen Krupp, spoke on leadership transformation.

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10 Reasons Why Retained Search Is The Most Effective

Steven B. McKinney, IRC South Korea | 06.04.2018

The most important decision a company or organization ever makes is arguably its investment in human capital. Well-placed leaders challenge the status quo, inspire their people to maximize their potential and shoot for the stars with upward growth strategies.

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Before It’s Too Late: Five Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Career

Konstantin Borisov, IRC Russia | 25.01.2018

If you want to be successful, here are the symptoms of widespread career afflictions to look out for.

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Why China Matters Now, More Than Ever

Stepan Motejzik | 11.12.2017

Chinese firms continue to expand aggressively abroad, competing fiercely with incumbent heavy weights in a growing number of industries. China expert Shaun Rein identifies the key drivers, predominant sectors and human resource implications of unprecedented international growth by state-owned and privately held Chinese corporations in an interview with IRC Institute.

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IRC Responds to Growing Demand for Trusted Board Advisors in Emerging Markets

Patrick Westerburger, IRC Netherlands | 14.11.2017

Outgoing IRC President Patrick Westerburger of IRC Netherlands reflects on the growth of the executive search network under his leadership and analyses the latest industry trends during an interview at the recent IRC Global Conference in Shanghai. Rohan Carr of IRC Australia has been appointed as his successor.

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Leadership Beyond Borders at Toys “R” Us

Sylvia MacArthur | 08.11.2017

Monika Merz used deft leadership and pragmatic innovation to change the game for Toys “R” Us in Canada, Japan and across the Asia Pacific region. Her story, relayed by IRC Canada President Sylvia MacArthur, tells of the fearless and direct management style that took her across the globe armed with compassion, adaptability and resolve.

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ASEAN Leadership Development Pays Dividends for Global Pharma

Raj Kumar Paramanathan, Manish Mehta | 30.10.2017

As business leaders look beyond national borders for growth opportunities abroad, few overlook Asia, given its size and demographics. The world’s most populous continent, Asia is home to 48 nations, each with unique cultural attributes and distinct business practices.

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China’s education revolution: more questions than answers

Rohan A. Carr, IRC Australia | 27.10.2017

During a recent visit to Shanghai to attend our global IRC conference, it was interesting to observe the rapidly changing Chinese economic, social and political environment and the impact on the education sector.

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Green Shoots of Arab Spring

Rania Abdalla | 09.10.2017

Skilful business leaders mitigate the negative impacts of economic instability by taking proactive measures that encourage growth. The debilitating mind-set of “staying afloat” in crisis is replaced by a mantra of efficiency, innovation and renewal.

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A Career Path to the Top: Starting with HR!

Amanda Bassin, IRC Canada | 03.10.2017

Stephen Liptrap, the newly appointed CEO of Morneau Shepell Ltd. took time out of his jam-packed day of running a global enterprise to address a question that many HR professionals wonder about: “How can a career in HR lead to earning a seat at the Executive table, and moreover, to becoming the CEO?”

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