Counselling and Support to Career Paths

We have a Career Counselling Division that provides both career transition and planning services to executives.

Our program is geared to best serve people who hold or have held executive-level roles such as President, Director or Manager, and also Specialists. Our goal is to serve as an advisor to the executive and provide resources that will broaden their individual options while at the same time make better decisions about their career path. The program is conducted in a personalized manner and is based on constant interaction through one-on-one meetings, e-mails and Skype/phone calls for guidance, clarification and feedback throughout the support period that can range from 6 to 9 months..

Our approach

Our senior consultants have the experience to do both career transition and career planning. They bring solid experience from having held executive leadership roles in leading organizations as well as the consulting credentials to effectively serve as an advisor and career resource.

Our processes and methods allow us to combine the resources of large consulting firms with the personal treatment and personal approach of individual consultants in a personalized format.

Phases of Our Program

1. Profile Mapping

We gain a comprehensive knowledge of our clients through an exploratory initial interview followed by data collection, work history detailing and behavioral profile analysis.

Once we have gathered the necessary information, we then facilitate one-on-one meetings to provide feedback and encourage dialogue to effectively map skills, strengths/gaps and define objectives through analysis of career alternatives and target markets.

This is an important stage of the process in that it forms the basis on which to proceed through partnering with the client and agreeing on activities and goals for the next stages of the program.

2. Getting Ready

At this stage, we have the necessary information with which to either structure or re-write the Resume/CV, cover letter and e-mail presentation in both Portuguese and/or English. We can also provide collateral material such as business cards, personal profile structuring in social media and training for interviews to include simulations and feedback sessions.

This stage also covers defining one’s target market and approach strategy and identifying opportunities that are aligned with the priorities defined together with the client.

3. Go To Market

In this stage, we provide evaluation and guidance on client´s networking, setting national and/or international targets, and the use of websites and social networks. We provide personalized support before and after interviews.

We will be happy to guide and actively participate in your choices and career decisions and will do our best to support you on the road to success.

We look forward to learning more about your Organizational or individual needs and how we can play a role in enhancing your career. Contact us:

By phone: +55 (11) 3045-0100 | +55 (11) 97670-4099 or  E-Mail

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