Executive & Personal Coaching Programs

Coaching is an objective process to help identify goals and develop skills that lead people to achieve their targets.

Some of these skills are initially determined by the Company’s Direction and by the Coachee’s individual skills, experience and interests, while others will emerge during the program, replacing the first or as a result of new needs.

We offer Coaching programs to enhance both personal and professional development. The coaching process helps assess and balance the various areas of life through encouraging the coachee to overcome obstacles and use inherent qualities and inner strength to stay focused on the actions that lead to achieving objectives. We start, together with the coachee, by defining goals, identifying and removing obstacles and then defining action steps needed to achieve the goals.

Our Coaching program will foster the development and/or improvement of specific skill sets that contribute to one’s ability to navigate challenging situations and increase the likelihood of success. We focus on both individual professional development and systemic development to empower the coachee to deal with change; and make alignments with the Vision, Mission and Values that define his/her life.

Our format and process provides one-on-one sessions with the coach, which ensures privacy and confidentiality throughout the program. Open and frank communication is encouraged to achieve optimal results. Our coaches have the credentials to facilitate the communication, analyze information and create an action plan to help accomplishing stated goals.

Our program is highly customized to the needs of each program participant, and timing typically ranges from 12 to 15 weeks with a one-hour meeting held each week at our offices.

These sessions can be used to:

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