Executive Search & Selection

Executive Experience & Personalized Attention

The diverse but relevant experiences of our team allows us to collectively bring vision, specialized knowledge and expertise, and cultural sensitivity to source, engage and assess talent that will solve complex organizational and business problems.

Commitment to Performance Excellence

DRH – Talent Search (IRC Brazil) is committed to providing the same level of performance excellence that our clients expect from their teams. This means that we will approach every client engagement with diligence, discretion, meticulousness, precision and expediency. Our extensive list of references (satisfied clients) can testify to our integrity and commitment to performance excellence.

Different Strategies for Different Clients

A personalized approach to every client engagement is a hallmark of both DRH – Talent Search (IRC Brazil) and IRC Global Executive Search Partners. No two-client organizations are alike and we avoid the cookie cutter / template approach to the search process.

Every client engagement begins with our team partnering with you to gain a deeper understanding of your needs. From that base of understanding, we develop personalized strategies with your input to ensure an expedient, but thorough search process. By keeping channels of communication open with all stakeholders, we can validate assumptions and calibrate our service delivery to your specific needs.

Good versus Great

Good talent is difficult to find. Exceptional talent is even more difficult to find. This is the sector we exist to find for our clients.

Our mandate is clear. We exist to find the most qualified and capable professional with alignment to the professional and cultural needs of your organization.

We recruit with a focus on every market sector’s base of hidden high performers. Our expertise will also be helpful to you as you manage the relationships with candidates, but also provide positive reinforcement of your employment brand.

It’s the difference between good and great.

When the Search Ends

Our service does not stop with securing your new hire. The next step is playing a role in ensuring the new hire is successful in the role. Our service agreement also includes 60 days of Onboarding Coaching at no extra cost.

We work with both the new hire and other organizational stakeholders to allow he/she to begin with a soft-landing into the new organizational objectives and culture, while at the same time resolving issues that could disrupt the transition phase.

Coaching is a comprehensive process. When done and timed properly, it can contribute to better integration into the organization as well as better forming and refinement of the new hire.

Representing Your Employment Brand

From the earliest stages of working with our clients, we strive to learn as much as possible about your organizational culture, operational dynamics, and the markets you serve. The better we understand your organization, the better we can represent both your organization and how it is perceived in the market for talent.

Given that our work is within the client’s organizational structure, we are continue to gain a deeper understanding of the culture and stakeholders. This double awareness allows us to be more effective with both the new hire and stakeholders to achieve goals, refine leadership skills and move forward to goal attainment.

We will be frank and open with you as we seek to understand your needs and expectations for talent, while at the same time seeking alignment with market realities.

Our goal is to find, engage and secure the most suitable candidate for your needs.

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