Our process

Our 7 Step Process outlined below ensures Comprehension, Speed and Efficiency.

1. Understanding Client Culture and Style

We meet in-person to gain a clear understanding of organizational culture, key stakeholders and their perspectives and begin the process of developing search strategy.

2. Definition of Profile and Competencies

We survey the company to better discern its true needs and gain full understanding of the nature and requirements of the position to be filled.

3. Proposal and Position Specification

Proposal letter containing summary of all relevant information and the ideal candidate profile as developed via consensus with all key stakeholders.

After approval, a Position Specification is presented with detailed definition of objectives, responsibilities, qualifications, work experience and personal characteristics expected.

4. Research, Identification, and Evaluation

Using the best-updated databases and research tools, we begin the headhunting process of direct engagement with the talent pool identified through our research. Ongoing communication with our clients allows us to make adjustments to ensure a comprehensive search is undertaken and all available options are considered. Properly assessing available talent against the Position Specification ensures we get a short list of well-qualified finalists with the most suitable profile to the needs of the position as well as alignment with the company's culture.

5. Reports and Presentation of Candidates

The finalists are presented to the client via comprehensive and carefully formatted reports that allow each to be measured against the Position Specification as well as being compared and contrasted against each other. This process is critical to allowing our clients to make more informed decisions about the finalists. 

6. References, Offer and Negotiation

Once a finalist has been selected, we set out to ensure to conduct reference checks on the chosen candidate. We provide the results of the reference check as well as an opportunity for follow-up dialogue with the reference, if interested. We partner with our client in an advisory capacity to assist in preparing the offer and presenting the offer to gain acceptance.   

7. Onboard Coaching and Follow-up

Our service agreement also includes 60 days of Onboarding Coaching at no extra cost. After the offer has been accepted, we set out to provide transitional onboarding support to the new hire and the client stakeholders to ensure long-term success.

To achieve the desired results, we coach the new hire with a view towards overcoming both known and unknown challenges. This could be organizationally or within the existing leadership or workforce that may present challenges to the new role. Either way, we remain vigilant to ensure that the transition process goes well and the new hire meets client expectations.

We invite you to learn more about how our processes can contribute to you getting the talent your organization needs. Contact us to learn more.

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