Our Unique Approach

Our meticulous and personalized approach and after-hire Coaching differentiates us from other executive search and selection consultancies.

We differ from the mainstream search industry in that we offer a more comprehensive and personalized approach to each assignment. Our approach includes both the traditional elements of search but also post-hire Coaching, which ensures the new hire’s successful transition into productivity.

Undertaking a proper search for key talent is not a simple exercise. It begins with careful analysis, data verification and thorough research coupled with the intuition of our team. Their intuition is born from years of experience in search and in the executive life, and is a fundamental element of every assignment we conduct.

Our approach to executive recruitment combines both our own experience and that of our global partners in IRC Global Executive Search Partners. We focus on understanding the organizational needs and technical requirements of each role. Ongoing dialogue and benchmarking with our global partners ensures that our processes are relevant and in-step with the global economy. In short – we strive to provide Best-in-Class processes resulting in our clients getting the talent they need in the most efficient manner possible.

Understanding Client / Organizational Needs

We kick-off each assignment with a face-to-face meeting to assist in defining the nature of the position to be filled. The objectives of this meeting are to gain a deeper understanding of the managerial styles of each stakeholder to the role as well as learn the organization’s culture. During this collaborative process, we develop a Position Specification that outlines the role in detail and serves as the instrument that all candidates will be evaluated against. These meetings are typically rich with opportunities to discover how we can better contribute and add value in both the search but also the long-term success of the person to be taking on the role.

Thorough Research

Our researchers have an array of tools that allow them to assimilate market data, market intelligence, talent mapping to directly source candidates. Our search consultants work to find opportunities to get engagement with the desired talent. Having strong knowledge of our client and detailed data on the available talent, we are then able to leverage that in developing a shortlist of desired talent for presentation.

Communication & Transparency

We keep our clients informed of each stage of the process, which provides an opportunity for greater collaboration and input into the search. Transparency and communication ensure that the search is conducted efficiently, thoroughly and that both parties are engaged from beginning to end.

Our Commitment to Professionalism

At DRH - Talent Search (IRC Brazil), our commitment to professionalism is grounded in our business experience and integrity with the aim to strategically leverage both client and candidate needs to gain competitive advantage for each.

We invite you to take the first step in resolving your talent needs. Contact us to learn how we can be an invaluable resource to your business.

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